Instant Multi-Millet Dosa


Benefits of Multi Millet Dosa

  • It helps to decrease in high blood pressure.
  • Controls of Diabetes.
  • Rich in fiber, helps in reducing weight.
  • Good source of antioxidants.
  • Keeps a Healthy Gut.
  • Aids in Sleep.


Foxtail millet flour, Jowar flour, Ragi flour, Saame Flour, Sajje flour, Barnyard millet flour, Urad dal flour, Salt powder, Cooking soda, Malic acid, Vegetable oil, Chana dal flour.

Method of Preparation

1. Take 1 measure of Eco Jivan’s Multi Millet Dosa mix to 1 ½ measure water.
2. Stir it gently to remove the lumps.
3. Heat the nonstick pan on medium flame, then smear oil on the surface of the pan. Spread the batter on the pan with help of a ladle. Add little oil to the sides and roast it until it turns golden brown.
4. Remove the dosa with a spatula and drizzle water on the pan before spreading the next dosa.
5. Serve with chutney and curry.


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“Health comes from farms, not from Pharmacy ”

Instant tasty Multi Millet Dosa brought you by Eco Jivan.No need to go through the effort of soaking and grinding for making the Dosa.

Food is the fastest-acting and most powerful medicine you can take to change your life. Millets are the staple diets of India, full of nutrients and high dietary fiber. It keeps us away from diseases like Diabetes, Heart Diseases, and Obesity. Eco Jivan aims at providing healthy and tasty food with the traditional diet.


Weight 200 g
Dimensions 14 × 4 × 20 cm


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