Peanut and Acacia Energy Balls

lazy Eco Jivan Peanut and Acacia Energy Balls



1) 300 grams peanut butter
2) 150 grams goond (Acacia Gum)
3) 350 grams ghee
4) 400 grams whole wheat flour
5) 200 grams sugar , powdered
6) 50 grams dry coconut (kopra)
7) 50 grams almonds , chopped
8) 50 grams Cashew nuts , chopped

Method Of Preparation



1) Prep in 15 minutes
2) Cooks in 60 minutes
3) Total in 75 minutes
4) Makes: 20 Servings


Step 1:- Use heavy bottom pan, put 350 grams of ghee in pan and melt it on low flame.

Step 2:- Once the ghee is hot and melted, add gond/edible gum in the pan little at a time and fry on low flame until the goond puffs up like popcorn and crisps up. Make sure that goond is completely cooked from inside and outside.

Step 3:- Once goond is fried, using a ladle spoon out the goond from the ghee and keep aside to cool down.
Repeat the steps with remaining gond.

Step 4:- Into the same pan containing the 20-30 grams of melted ghee, add 400 grams whole wheat flour and 300  grams peanut butter step by step and roast until it becomes aromatic and brown. The mixture should be crumbly. Once it turn crumbly turn off the flame.

Step 5:- Transfer the mixture on to a plate and let it cool down. After that add the 200 grams powdered sugar and all dry fruits and mix well.

Step 6:- Meanwhile, once the goond has cooled, crush them into a coarse powder with the help of rolling pin . Add this crushed goond in to wheat flour, peanut butter and dry fruit  mixture.

Step 7:- Now take little amount of mixture in your hands and give them round shape. Small or big that is totally up to you.

Step 8:- Keep them aside for few hours, it will help the energy balls to set properly. You can keep them in airtight container for a month.

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lazy Eco Jivan Peanut and Acacia Energy Balls

Mohmmad Asar Shaikh

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